Our 3-phase process to a successful creative business

“Now what?” It’s a question we get all the time from creative entrepreneur friends and new coaching clients…

“I have my systems in place. Now what?”

“I finally updated my website. Now what?”

“I tried an Instagram ad, but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. Now what?”

“I went to a conference and have so many notes and ideas. What do I do first?”

“I know I’m supposed to do certain things, but I don’t know what to do first! HELP!”

Before we share the process we walk through with our Jetsetters (in the Jetsetter Academy) and our 1:1 coaching clients, I have a couple disclaimers…

Disclaimer #1

These phases, categories and action items are a little bit different for everyone. Here are a few things that determine where we start and the unique path or order we follow:

  • Years of experience in business
  • Strengths in business
  • Amount of time dedicated to your business

Disclaimer #2

Very often the to-dos and strategies below can feel overwhelming. That’s why we started Idealust in the first place…to help you succeed with the littlest amount of overwhelm possible.

The last thing we want to do is make you feel like you’re suffocating in “shoulds” and to-dos, so take a look at this with clear and realistic eyes. Know this isn’t all meant to be accomplished overnight, this month, or even this year.  

Alright, here we go…

Phase 1 for a successful creative business: A solid foundation!

You can implement all sorts of incredible marketing strategies to get more business, but if you’re inviting all these new and potentially wonderful leads back to a wobbly, scattered, inefficient business, it’s more likely that all those potentially wonderful clients and customers will pass you by…

Please note: Done is better than perfect!! We’ve been entrepreneurs for more than 10 years, and we still come back to some of these things in phase 1 every now and then to refocus and fine tune.  

Phase 2 for a successful creative business: Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

This is where the fun (at least for us) begins! This is where you say, “Hey, world (of ideal clients, that is)!! Let’s party! Let’s connect! You love popcorn flavored Jelly Beans?! Me, too! Your problems? I know how to help solve them! I’m here to help!”

This is where we grow your brand presence. This is where potentially wonderful clients keep seeing your smiling face pop up in their world. This is where you ditch your comfort zone (see why that phase 1 mindset is so important?!) and try new things.

Please note: Each of these strategies is big and time consuming all on its own. Some work faster than others. When approached and implemented with intention and know-how, your audience and business will grow. You will make more money. Here’s some proof 😉    

Phase 3 for a successful creative business: Scale!

Let’s be honest…we all want more of phase 3 in our lives. It sounds cushy and fabulous to have something (a course, a product, etc.) that makes us money while we’re sleeping. Or, a team of capable employees who do the work we loathe. Or, a list of thousands who are loyal and buy anything we have to offer.

Let’s get real again…this takes time! Passive income isn’t exactly “passive” right off the bat. Sometimes scaling takes some trial and error. Again, we recommend taking a clear and honest inventory of your business, what’s worked in the past, where you want to go and what the market actually wants and needs before attempting to scale. We can help you figure all that out.

Please note: Attempting to skip phases 1 and 2 in hopes of an easier, more successful life will leave you drained and defeated. Pay your dues. Build your community. Fail. Try again. Fail again. Then, meet us here in phase 3 🙂

  • Rinse + repeat what’s working best
  • List building
  • Team building
  • Passive income

What phase are you in right now? What are you going to work on next?! We’d love to hear from you and cheer you on. If you’re still feeling stuck and want some more guidance, apply for a free strategy call where we can get more specific for you and your business!

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