7 reasons why you should start a newsletter & how to get people to see it

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It’s crazy but true: most creative entrepreneurs are hesitant about having a newsletter but the ones who do, and implement it strategically, are tapping into an untouched realm. At least 50% of our new clients tell us they don’t really like the idea of having a newsletter.


But, after a big ol’ email marketing intervention, they not only embrace the notion and smartly start using it to connect with their tribes but they are EXCITED about it!!! AND, even better yet…their audiences respond with open arms and continue to crave and look forward to their newsletters. Oh, and our clients increase their revenue because of all this, too.


Here are some of the most common objections we get about starting a newsletter:

  • I hate writing.
  • I’m not good at writing.
  • I don’t know what to say.
  • How the heck am I going to know what to say month after month after month?!
  • I don’t have time for this.
  • I have so many other things to do.
  • What if nobody reads it?
  • I’m afraid to put myself out there.


If you’re thinking or feeling any of the above, here’s what I have to say to you:


Get our free Content Creation Kit to get started and then stop telling yourself you’re not a good writer. Limiting beliefs will get you good, if you let them. And, even if writing isn’t your strength, something else is. Let’s find it and use that to add value to your past/current/future clients.

  • You don’t need to love writing. In fact, let’s get creative and think of other fun ways to communicate to your audience.
  • Stop telling yourself you’re not a good writer. Limiting beliefs will get you good, if you let them. And, even if writing isn’t your strength, something else is. Let’s find it and use that to add value to your past/current/future clients.
  • Give yourself 1 hour to brainstorm content ideas.
  • Come up with 15 ideas this week. You’ll have the next year, at least, mapped out.
  • You do have time. Make this a priority. Sacrifice something else in your life.
  • Your to-do list is never going to go away. This WILL change your business.
  • Some people won’t read it. Some will unsubscribe. BUT, others will eat it up, feel special/encouraged/educated and excited about what you’re up to and how you can make their lives better!
  • Is it worth the risk of NOT putting yourself out there and not reaping the benefits?!


Now that we worked on that mindset a bit, let’s chat about the benefits of having a newsletter:

  • Your list is sacred to you. Facebook and Instagram and any other social media platform could disappear (or change their algorithms!!!) and all the effort you put into connecting with your tribe on those platforms would disappear. But, your list remains your own!
  • It’s an opportunity for you to provide ridiculous amounts of value to your past/current/future clients.
  • It’s an opportunity for you to connect with your past/current/future clients.
  • It’s an opportunity for you to take potential ideal clients from being out in the world, barely knowing who you are and to warm them up! Let them know what you’re all about and they will start to know, like and trust you.
  • It’s an opportunity for you to position yourself as a leader and expert in your industry.
  • It’s an opportunity for you to dive deeper into your brand, your passion, your expertise and what you stand for.
  • It’s an opportunity for you to stay in front of past/current/future clients and remind them (without saying it!) that it’s time for them to book another session.


Now that you know how seriously important it is that you have a newsletter (call it whatever you want, the crucial part is that you’re communicating with your past/current/future clients) and that there’s no excuse not to have one, let’s jump into how you can make all this happen, effectively.


First, come up with your ideal client. You’ve heard us say it before and we’ll say it again. All of your marketing efforts hinge on knowing who your ideal client is. As far as your newsletter goes, it’s going to make your job 10 times easier. Not sure who your ideal client is? Stop everything you’re doing with your business and READ THIS.


It’s time to do some creative thinking! Give yourself 30 minutes to an hour and write down any and all topics that your ideal client will find valuable, helpful, educational, inspiring, entertaining, useful (anything that will make their experience with you and their life better). Think about questions your current clients ask you all the time; this is a good place to start. Keep in mind, not every topic has to be 100% about what you do and your services. This is why it’s so important to know who your ideal client is, what she values and some adjectives that describe this person. Write down at least 15 ideas.


HOT TIP! People are attracted to topics/advice/knowledge that include numbers (sort of like this article: 7 reasons why you should have a newsletter!!!) and words that grab your attention (Must know! Secrets! My favorite…, etc.).


Let’s talk about the anatomy of your newsletter. Each piece has one (and only one!) purpose. Think of how many emails you get and how many emails you delete without even opening!! That subject line MUST get your attention in order for you to actually read that email. Get creative with that subject line! Of course, it’s important that it’s never misleading, but have some fun getting people in the door! Once your past/current/future clients open the email, make things easy for them. No need to overcomplicate with multiple topics or ideas or calls to action. Give them one item to consume. If you lead them somewhere else, like to a blog post, make that the only call to action.


Here are a few guidelines for writing your newsletters:



  • Be yourself! Write how you talk.
  • Give constant value! Over and over again.
  • Get creative! Use videos, graphics, images, fun tips and content that your specific crowd will love!
  • Stick to one topic per email.
  • Email your list at least once a month.
  • Share snippets of your life, journey, passions, etc.



  • Feel like you have to be super formal.
  • Try to sell something to your past/current/future clients every time you email them. Instead, give, give, GIVE and every now and then give them an opportunity to buy.
  • When you do sell, sell hard. Don’t beat around the bush; shoot it to them straight.
  • Say the same thing over and over again. That’s why you have those 15 topics to choose from!
  • Take unsubscribes personally.


“You’re creating an opportunity for them to get to know you and your brand, trust you and walk away with something that is going to improve their day. When you do this consistently, you stay on their minds and when it comes time for them to buy, they’re going to buy from YOU!”


Remember, the purpose of having a newsletter and communicating with your past/current/future clients regularly is to GIVE. You’re creating an opportunity for them to get to know you and your brand, trust you and walk away with something that is going to improve their day. When you do this consistently, you stay on their minds and when it comes time for them to buy, they’re going to buy from YOU! Get this…every time we sent a newsletter to our Limelife Photography list, even if it had NOTHING to do with booking a session, we had past clients reply and say, “Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you emailed, we keep talking about how it’s time for more family photos!” We took it from there, and got something on the calendar. This works.


Okay, onto the final piece of the puzzle. You have a fantastic newsletter strategy in place, but how the heck do you get more potential ideal clients to see it and join your list?!


Good question.


Here are our favorite ways to introduce yourself to the right people and invite them to subscribe:

  • Instead of having a link to your website in your Instagram profile, create something much more valuable (PDF, video, ebook) for your ideal client to consume, and add that link in your Instagram bio. Ask for Name and Email to get to the valuable content.
  • Use Instagram and Facebook ads to promote that valuable content to get in front of even MORE potential ideal clients.
  • Use that same valuable content as an opt-in to attract new subscribers in a very prominent place on your website and/or blog. Try a welcome mat or hello bar.
  • Host a live workshop/webinar. Use this to collect Name and Email to watch.
  • Add a “Like what you see? Get more here!” button to the end of your blog posts, where new viewers can subscribe.
  • Create a series of super valuable posts. Give part of the series for free and invite readers to sign up with Name and Email to see the final part (the BEST part!) of the series.
  • Write guest blog posts for influencers in your industry who have a similar audience to the one you’re building.
  • Host a contest or giveaway on social media. Ask for Name and Email to enter the giveaway.
  • Add a P.S. to the end of your newsletters asking your readers to share with friends who could use the exact knowledge you just shared.


Growing your list might take some time. Be patient. Acknowledge those who have already signed up! A list of 100 loyal fans is more valuable than a list of 1,000 people who don’t even know who you are and what you stand for. Nurture the list you have, use these methods above to gain more subscribers, continue to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE regularly via your newsletters, and your tribe will grow, and if done right, so will your revenue.



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  1. Caroline

    This is such a wonderfully written post! I will definitely be implementing these tips as I have been in a newsletter funk recently! Thank you for sharing, this was extremely helpful!

    xo Cali

  2. KatyStardust

    How often do you reccomend sending the newsletters?

  3. Kate Whelan

    How often do you recommend sending a newsletter?

  4. Becky Morquecho

    Hey Kate! Depends on what you do for work. For example, photographers don’t need to be emailing their lists every week. We say, a minimum of once a month. A lot of our clients are on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

  5. Becky Morquecho

    Thanks Caroline! So glad it inspired you! Keep us posted on your newsletter journey 🙂

  6. Becki Smith

    Book marking this immediately! I have procrastinated newsletters and even brushed my husband off when he suggested it again last week — but you’re right… I need to do it!

  7. Becky Morquecho

    That is funny about your hubby! “Umm, babe. You were right.” Ha ha! Feel free to shoot me an email if you get stuck!

  8. Gabi Valladares

    This post is fantastic, thank you for sharing! I have a blog newsletter, but I’m not utilizing it as much as I could be. I’m definitely going to be rethinking my strategy with your tips 🙂

  9. Jesse Morquecho

    Hey Monica! If you are just getting started, I’d check out Mailchimp 🙂

  10. Monica

    Wonderful – I just looked into it yesterday. Great tips!