Blog vs. Newsletter: How to decide where to share your content

Blog vs. Newsletter: How to decide where to share your content…this is the great debate people ask us about all the time. You might be thinking…


“So, I’m supposed to blog and have a newsletter, right?”




“Cool. But, what’s the difference between a blog and newsletter? What am I supposed to say in both? Are you sure I need both?!”


By now, we all know that content marketing for creative entrepreneurs isn’t going anywhere. If that phrase still freaks you out, make sure you read this to see that it’s not so scary…and yes you need to do it…and yes, you can do it!


But let’s tackle this whole blog vs. newsletter thing, shall we? Because it can totally be overwhelming. But, it’s also totally doable (not to mention a game-changer for connecting with your audience and producing profits for you!!!) if you have a plan.


Just like everything in business, it’s important to take a step back and look at the purpose of your efforts before barreling ahead, full force into doing, doing, doing without knowing what the heck or why you’re doing something.


That said, you might be thinking…


Do I need a blog?


Yes, if you want to…


  • Introduce yourself to people who want what you have to offer
  • Give your ideal clients ideas, tips, advice that make their lives easier or better
  • Connect with and grow your audience
  • Climb the SEO ranks
  • Position yourself at the top of your industry
  • Build credibility for your business
  • Book more clients


As you can see, in our opinion…


Blogging is far from dead.


Okay, but what about that newsletter…


Do I need a newsletter?


Yes, if you want to…


  • Protect yourself from ever-changing social media and Google algorithms
  • Guide your fans and followers down your customer journey
  • Give your ideal clients extra value, special deals and promotions
  • Position yourself at the top of your industry
  • Build credibility for your business
  • Get repeat business, over and over again
  • Scale your business


So, how do I decide if my content should be a blog post or a newsletter?


Post it on your blog if it’s content…


  • You can use as a value-add for your current clients (add it to your client workflow!)
  • Similar to something people are searching for
  • That’s heavy duty, there’s lots to it
  • In video format
  • That answers questions people ask you often
  • That will be helpful to your audience for months and years to come
  • Want a little jumpstart to writing your blog posts? Here are 19 blog topics creative entrepreneurs can write about.  


Send only as a newsletter if…


  • You’re promoting or selling something specific
  • The info is time sensitive and/or community based (like letting your list know you’re doing a Facebook Live later that day and they won’t want to miss out over on your Facebook page)
  • It’s short and sweet, a quick story or something you learned that made you think of your audience
  • Still need a little extra help with your newsletter? No problem. We’ve got you covered.


There is a difference between blog content and newsletter content. But, there’s a caveat! They can and do work together!


When readers see how open and generous you are with your tips, ideas and knowledge via your blog posts (and they see how talented and passionate you are about your work), they’re going to want more. But, if you don’t give them an opportunity to get more, to be part of your world (to potentially become customers!), you’re missing out!


So, first thing’s first…


Give your blog readers an opportunity to join your email list. But, and this is very important!!! Don’t just say: “Join my email list!” or “Subscribe!” or “Want to get my emails?”


Does anyone really want more emails?! Probably not.


But, people do want ideas, tips, entertainment that make their life easier, better and/or save them money and/or time. So, as you’re finishing up those awesome blog posts, you can say something like: “Click here to get even more info on ___________!” or “Want a free guide to __________? Click here!” or “Like what you see here? Click here for more!”


Clicking = they get more (as promised!) after they give you their name and email address.


This is just one way to simultaneously give your readers what they want and get what you want: new, raving, loyal fans on your email list. More on all this another day. But, let’s get back to…


How to make blog posts and newsletters work together


We send our list an email once a week. About 25% of those newsletters are related to something we’ve written here, on our Idealust blog. The other 75% is extra added value, only for those on our list (Facebook Lives, free webinars, free ebooks, guides, inspiration, etc.) and special offers or promotions.


Please note that not every email we send connects with a blog post!


There’s a reason for that! Anyone and everyone can go to our blog posts! We want people who are on our mailing list to feel special, because they are! That’s why we send them emails every single week with information that will help them build their creative businesses, faster than trying to do it alone!


Our guess is you want your subscribers to be happy they’re on your list, too.


*** Rule #1: When you email your list, make sure that (at least sometimes!) it’s more than just a notification that you’ve written a new blog post.


Every third or fourth email, let email subscribers know there’s something incredible waiting for them on the blog. Make sure there is something incredible waiting for them on the blog!


*** Rule #2: When you do send your subscribers to a blog post (via your newsletter), make it a value-based blog post, not a portfolio post of your recent work.


Let’s chat for a second about getting people from your list to the blog post you want them to read.


There’s a right way to do it…meaning, if you do it the wrong way, readers may never even make it to your blog. And that’s frustrating. And a waste of your time. We know you didn’t write that beautiful blog post so it can sit, unread, collecting internet dust.  


Guidelines for newsletters that lead into a blog post


  • The newsletter can include part of the intro of the actual blog post, or it can be a quick story about the topic you go into further on the blog
  • Do not copy and paste a chunk of your blog post and send it as a newsletter. Remember! Make your subscribers feel special for being on your list! Don’t be lazy!
  • Save the best part for the blog (if you give them a majority of what they’re hoping for in the newsletter, there’s no reason for them to click through)
  • Show readers the benefit of clicking through to your blog post (how will it make their life easier/better?)
  • Tell newsletter readers exactly where you want them to go/what you want them to do (use an obvious link or colorful button that takes them to the blog)
  • Be concise, keep it a little shorter (the whole purpose of that newsletter is to get them to click through to the blog; don’t waste time getting them there)


*** Rule #3: Save the juiciest, meatiest, best parts of the blog post for the blog! Don’t give them away in the newsletter if you want your readers to click through to the blog!


Phew! That was a lot. We get that this whole blogging, newsletter, content marketing thing can be a lot. So, we created a little tool for you to get started on the right foot. Oh, and it’s free. Click here to snatch up our Content Creation Kit! 

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  1. So so so helpful Becky!!!! I’ve been doing it where I mainly point to the blog post simply because I have no idea how to write two different pieces of content without spending all week doing it! Haha! This really helped clarify some things for me! Thank you!

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    Chrissy! YEEEES! This makes me smile so big! So happy this is helpful for you! Let us know how it goes 🙂

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