Instagram Money-Maker Checklist

We love Instagram. Yes, even through the algorithm changes, it’s still our favorite (and so many of our clients’ favorite) social media platform. We all love it because it’s pretty + inspiring but more importantly it helps us connect with the right people AND it helps us make money.


If you are using Instagram for your business and you want to start booking clients (or book even more clients!) on this platform, join us in being purposeful + strategic!


Here’s a checklist to help you up your game on Instagram…


☐ Make your account public; nobody can find you (or do business with you) if your account is private.
☐ Change your profile photo to a clear + professional picture of you.
☐ Update your profile bio so that it speaks directly to your ideal client.
☐ Decide on the mood/tone/feeling you want to portray when someone sees your gallery. Stick with photos that convey that mood/tone/feeling.
☐ Delete photos in your gallery that aren’t a good representation of your brand.
☐ Come up with 4-5 different categories you can post about.
☐ Beef up your gallery with images that your ideal client will love and/or relate to.
☐ Post regularly, at least twice/week.
☐ Check out Planoly to schedule posts ahead of time.
☐ Let your Insta friends + fans into your life; personal posts are relatable and give your followers a chance to connect with you. Stay on brand!
☐ Update your profile link with something of value for your ideal clients. Everyone has a website; WOW them with something else.
☐ Use hashtags that are more specific and less general. Do your research to see what hashtags your potential ideal clients are engaging with.
☐ Connect with potential ideal clients by commenting on their photos. Be genuine!
☐ Engage with leaders in your industry by commenting on their photos. Be genuine! (If this is someone you want to work with, engage on Insta for a couple weeks and THEN reach out to them.)
☐ Engage with your followers. Comment on their photos. Show them you value them sticking around.
☐ Create an Instagram ad, so you can get in front of even more ideal clients and invest as much money as you’d like to do that!


Let us know what works for you!


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