How to Decide What to Post Where + Our Free Content Creation Kit

A few months ago, one of our 1:1 coaching clients (who rocks the socks off content), came to us saying one of the biggest things that holds her back from sharing more content (on her blog, in her newsletter, on social media) was not being able to decide the best place to share it (and whether or not she should share it in more than one place). We know that content marketing for creative entrepreneurs doesn’t always come naturally. So, we thought you might be wondering, too…


Q: How do you decide what to post where?


The options are practically endless with: Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Facebook pages and groups, Facebook lives, blog posts, newsletters…I think you get the idea. Maybe not just where to post, but what to say?!


We’ve got your back, boo.


For starters, we’re going to tell you how to decide what to post where. After that, we’re going to give you a cheat sheet of sorts. We call it our Content Creation Kit. Oh, and it’s free 😉


But, let’s get back to what to post where. Here’s our quick guide on that…


Blog post

  • Meaty, in-depth, super valuable content. Something readers walk away from and think, “Dang! ______ just helped me so much!! I’m book-marking this bad boy because I know I’ll need it again in the future.”

Guest blog post

  • I usually pitch a few ideas that I enjoy writing about most that line up with their audience and then let them pick from there. (Can you use this content for YOUR blog later on down the road? Absolutely!) More on guest blogging here.

Newsletter (email to list)

  • Every few emails…lead them into a blog post. The rest of the time, give extra value, encouragement, etc. others don’t see (make them feel special for being there)….(Can you repurpose pieces of this for a later Instagram post? Absolutely!) More on newsletters here.

Instagram post

  • Think of it like you’re writing micro-blog posts! Rotate through your brand categories! (Not sure what we mean by brand categories? Click here to find a never-ending pot of gold, AKA, all the content ideas you’ve been dreaming about! (Can you expand on an Instagram post for a future newsletter or blog post? Absolutely!) More on Instagram here.

Instagram stories

  • Behind the scenes, everyday life, things you want to share but don’t necessarily want sticking around on your Instagram gallery forever and ever.

Facebook post

  • If you’re posting to your business page…share relevant links/articles, ask questions to encourage engagement. If you’re posting to your group…ask questions to encourage engagement but also bring even more value! How can you help? What can you offer your (private) group that nobody else gets?

Facebook live

  • Deep dive on one specific topic. Maybe that’s going into a point you made on the blog, but diving into that one thing even more than you did on the blog. Think: hot topics, FAQ type topics people always ask you about. (Use Instagram stories to let people know it’s coming!)


There you have it: What to post where! But, like I mentioned above, there’s a lot more intention and strategy that needs to be part of your content marketing game plan. You’re probably thinking, “Duh, Becky!” because the words below nag your brain on a regular basis…


  • “How the heck do you come up with ideas for blog posts?”
  • “I don’t know what to do or say in Instagram Stories. Do I really have to use Instagram Stories?”
  • “I’m sending newsletters, but I don’t know if people like them.”


We see you. We hear you. We’ve got an easy and free answer for you. Check it out for yourself! It’s our Content Creation Kit for Photographers – Template + Tips for Blogs, Newsletters + Social Media Posts that Connect. Psssst: If you’re a different kind of creative, the principles still apply 😉


A couple years into our first business, Limelife Photography, we started creating blog posts, videos and newsletters specifically to connect with our clients (and people we wanted as clients), and the response was incredible. Potential clients booked with us faster. Clients who had already hired us, trusted + loved us even more. Looking back, knowing what we know now, I’m not surprised, because…


Content that connects = trust built = genuine relationships + more money in your pocket. 


We’re giving you this Content Creation Kit to not only to make it easier for you to come up with blogs, social media posts, and newsletters, but to show you how to create content that actually attracts your dream clients!


Here’s to knowing what the heck to say, knowing where to post it and knowing this beast of content creation isn’t so bad when you’ve got proven strategies on your side!


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  1. Thank you for this Becky!! also, downloaded your creation kit because why not! You guys seem to know what you’re talking about 😉

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  3. These are really great tips! Might check out your creation kit also – never hurts to have extra tips and information to optimise posts!

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    Thanks, Lucy! So glad you stopped by! Let us know what you think of our Content Creation Kit 🙂

  6. Thank you for the great tips! I’m caught scratching my head sometimes not knowing what to post where or if I should separate my IG and Facebook posts, etc etc etc. Can’t wait to download your content kit and put it to good use!!

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    Kayla! Yippppeeeee! So happy this is what you needed! Keep up the great work, friend! xo

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