My 5 wisest words of advice for creative entrepreneurs

In the last 8 years, Jesse and I have created two businesses. The whole point of this entrepreneur adventure, for us, is to share all we have with the world and hopefully by doing this, we’ve made someone’s life better. Oh, and we definitely dig mid-day bike rides and soaking up sunshine on the coast (which certainly has something to do with us living and loving this gig, too).

Since a quarter of my life has now been spent in entrepreneurship, and I’ve had approximately 97 meltdowns along the way, I figured I’d share with you what I do know. My lessons learned over the years. My 5 wisest words of advice for creative entrepreneurs…

Take it easy on yourself. No matter what you do or don’t do; no matter if you meet your expectations for yourself or not, give yourself some grace. We are our own worst enemies. Think of the respect, grace and understanding you offer your best friend when times are tough. Are you that kind to yourself? I know I’m not, a lot of the time, because perfectionism wiggles its way into my mind and I can be really hard on myself. But the more intentionally I work on grace, the less disappointed I am. I am happier, freer and actually more productive and successful.

There are two ways I’ve learned to use boundaries to my advantage. The first is probably the most obvious: establish boundaries for work/life balance. Shut the office door at night. Put fun, social, personal things on the calendar first each week, so you don’t run yourself into the ground. Create office hours. STICK TO THE OFFICE HOURS.

The second way is this: Guard your heart. Not everyone is going to understand, be interested in or possibly even support your ideas and decisions in entrepreneurship. That’s okay. Keep those relationships about something else. Don’t pour out your heart about your business dreams to these people if you know their response will disappoint you. There are so many people who DO get it (umm, hello, we’re right HERE!!!).

The fastest way to get to where you want to be is by having a strategy. This comes in all shapes and sizes, for all sorts of things like networking, how you spend your time working on your business and in your business, social media advertising, marketing . . . you name it, you need to have a strategy for it!

Ask yourself: What is my purpose? What can I do with this partnership, Instagram post or conference I’m going to that will better my business and take me to the next level? How can I make this a win-win situation for everyone involved? If strategy isn’t your strength (yet), write one of these questions on a Post-it and put it on your computer as a reminder to guide your business in that direction.

Those who make it to the top of the mountain have had plenty of crummy days in the valley. But the reason they “made it”? Persistence. You will doubt your dreams. You will want to give up, for good. Don’t do that! Instead, cry it out. Do some yoga. Just breathe, and maybe get yourself a brownie, too. And then, tweak your plan and try again. Repeat after me:

“Fear, pride, comparison, naysayers, self-doubt and failure will not stop me from living to my fullest potential.”

Use those challenges and setbacks to grow and position yourself as a leader whose ways are tried and true.

Gratitude is a cure-all. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy and experience true joy. And it’s the absolute BEST way to start your day. Even in the crappiest of situations, there’s something to be grateful for. Nothing is too little to go unnoticed either! Wake up each day and set the tone for all that’s to come. Make it a new habit to inject gratitude into your day.

Soon, this new habit will shape your new sunshiny perspective. This is HUGE when you’re a business owner because there will always be ups and downs. The more successful you become, the more potential there is for complicated challenges. Gratitude is one vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to a solid mindset.

No matter what situation I’m in or challenge I’m facing, one of these words is usually the answer. Try them out. Let me know what words have taught you the most and help you be and do everything you’ve dreamed up for your business!

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  1. Having a great strategy is important for a business to succeed. One must never stop in doing what they want, they must be dedicated to reach their goal. A reminder that every budding entreprenuer must know.

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  3. I love this! Thanks for sharing, Becky. I definitely think that gratitude (and positivity) make a huge difference in being successful and going places with your business. I’ve also been learning that consistency is key (which is pretty much the same thing as persistence). But yeah, it’s the people with a passion for their craft that keep going and doing their thang every. single. day. who really go far and eventually succeed. I love hearing about all the famous dudes in history who everyone knows about but IRL they failed dozens or more times before becoming a legend.

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    So glad this hit home for you, Krystal! I LOVE the stories of the famous dudes, too, the ones that failed a gazillion times IRL before their glory days! Keep up the great work, friend!! xo

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    Yes, that’s so important, Johanna! And, personally, I think it helps so much with that icky overwhelm! Let me know how it goes <3

  6. Oh yes, Strategy is key! Thanks so much for the reminders! Love all the cute stories too- our failures only make us stronger!

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  9. Thank you for sharing these reminders. It’s so true. We tell ourselves, yet we sometimes lose track of these important elements that can make our lives much easier. I need to hang these wise words on my desk wall 🙂

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    Totally get that, Ana, super easy to forget these things. The good news is, it’s also super easy to spend a few minutes a day focusing on the good stuff. Love your idea to hang them on the wall for a visual reminder!! Keep shining bright, friend. xo

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  12. This was as always perfect timing… a good reminder to always have grace and understanding for myself as I always give to others. We are hardest on ourselves. Gratitude… reminder of all the little things when we work so hard and lose sight of those little blessings… Thank you Becky for sharing!! <3

  13. Crying it out, yoga, deep breaths, & brownies? Now that’s the kind of persistence I can practice 🙂 …along with my mantra “just keep swimming.”

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    Sandra! We are definitely hardest on ourselves! Thinking about you today, friend and sending a big ol’ hug your way! xo

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