What a trip to Joshua Tree reminded me about being an entrepreneur

We have been putting in some long hours. We usually do this in waves. We put our heads down, do the work and hustle like crazy and then we take chunks of time off. Or, we create a schedule for a couple weeks that’s light on the commitments and heavy on the Disneyland date days.

So, we had just finished one of those long hauls. Let’s be real here. Jesse and I aren’t an overnight success. We’re underdogs who invest in ourselves and also discipline ourselves to make things happen. And by things, at least this last time around, I mean improve our plan to help you even more. To come alongside you better. To answer your questions faster. To show you we get it and we’re here for you every step of the way on this wild entrepreneur adventure.

Anyway, we had just finished one of those stretches where the stove gets dusty and my eyes are dry from staring at the screen and our brains our mush. The only right choice to make after these marathons is to get outside. To run. To explore. To climb big old boulders and watch the sun dip below the mountains.

And that’s why we planned all that heavy lifting before this Joshua Tree trip. Jesse and I like to map out our intense work weeks, strategically cushioning them with seeing Beauty and the Beast two times in one week and road trips.

We were only there about 24 hours, because we had to get home in time for our client coaching calls on Tuesday and to take our nephews to Disneyland on Thursday. But, you can experience so much beauty, relaxation and joy in just a few hours. Just a few minutes really. When you decide to.

We drove all the way across the entire Joshua Tree National Park. We were visiting my aunt and uncle with my mom and so that was our posse. Driving two minutes, pulling over, skipping through wildflowers, getting back in the car, driving three minutes, pulling over, laughing, breathing in the desert air, smiling at the sun, talking fast + free about all the colors popping out of the brown earth. Because of all the rain Southern California had this winter, the flowers showed up in all their splendor in this super bloom, my new favorite phenomenon that only happens every so often.

It was a sunshiny, beautiful whirlwind. And it made me realize something.

This is what our quick trip to Joshua Tree reminded me about being an entrepreneur…

Those long hauls of crazy work weeks do pay off. The discipline to do the things that not everyone is willing to do, yep!, that pays off, too. The heart + soul we pour into our art and ideas, it’s worth it. It doesn’t always feel like it, when there’s nothing but dry, brown desert dust in our lungs, but…

Oh, the beauty when it all comes together! After dormant winters and struggles and doubts, that super bloom of fulfillment and inquiries and influence you have in your clients’ lives! It is a colorful, perfect daydream come true. And it is waiting for you.

Those flowers will bloom.


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  1. OMG that sounds like so much fun! I’ve been dying to go there too! Hopefully soon! 😀 I love all the hard work you guys put in and then getting to see you’re amazing travels!

  2. Thank you, Kayla! Get a Joshua Tree Trip (even if it’s one day!) on the calendar!! I know you guys would love it. Besides, it’s sooooo hard not to shoot in that pretty desert light <3

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