I’m So Over Instagram


Don’t get me wrong; it’s my favorite social media platform. We normally rave about it. We even have a course teaching you how to use Instagram + Facebook ads. We know how powerful a tool it is to build relationships + make money. Buuuuut…

It’s causing people we know + love unneeded stress.
It’s stealing time from other profit-producing activities.
It’s making people feel like they’re not good enough or cool enough (including me, at times!)

Instagram is all the rage right now. We totally get it! It can help you do incredible things in your business. But I wanted to check in with you and ask you a few things I ask myself every now and then…

  1. Is the time you’re spending on Instagram taking away from other important parts of your business?
  2. Are you taking all this community and encouragement OFFLINE (partnerships, coffee dates, sending referrals to these new Insta-friends)?
  3. Do you feel life So-and-So’s success is making you jealous?
  4. Are you connecting with people on Insta that make sense for YOU and YOUR business to connect with?
  5. Are you missing out on real life relationships because you’re on Instagram or looking for an Insta-worthy moment?

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in exciting movements + #hashtags. I just wanted to shoot it to you straight today…

Remember who you are, what your strengths are and why you started this business in the first place. Use Instagram to connect, encourage and be real with your people. Just don’t let it steal your confidence, joy + too many hours of your life! Create a content plan and posting schedule. Get in and get out and get on with sharing your beauty + creativity with the rest of the world!

Go get ’em (on + offline)!

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  1. THIS!!! I just CAN’T with Instagram lately. I have had to take a break. It just became too much to keep up with – it’s almost like a rat race of sorts. And now with the stories too? I mean, I love seeing other people’s stories, but it’s just one *more* thing I “need” to do to keep up with the marketing Joneses now. Sigh… sometimes you just need to say “enough is enough” and give yourself a little break. Thanks for posting this! It helps to know that even you, IG Goddess and Marketing Extraordinaire, feel this way sometimes. I’m thankful for my little break – though I’ll hop back in the saddle and try again in a week or so, haha!

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    Marie! I took a good break this weekend, too! And it does feel good! I think we have to look at these things as tools to help us and support our businesses. I know, for me personally, when I think of IG that way, I feel like the boss of it rather than the other way around!!

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  4. I so relate to this! Instagram is a necessary evil but I got roped into being part of a “pod” and it is legit stressing me out! I definitely appreciate one-on-one human connection, but I’m so shy sometimes I struggle to make it happen. eeeek!

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    Angela! I get that! Work those strengths, baby! If 1:1 is your jam, get some coffee dates on the calendar! You got this <3

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