I finally shaved my legs

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Instead of working yesterday afternoon, I cleaned out all the half-used travel toiletries and stuff we haven’t used in ages from underneath our bathroom sink. I went to the do-it-yourself carwash, vacuumed all the remnants of camping trips from our backseat and gave that baby a spray down. I went to Target and bought cleaning supplies to freshen up the upholstery in our car. I bought and changed lightbulbs. I bought coffee maker filters so Jesse can start using the dusty coffee maker that’s been sitting in our closet. I even shaved my legs.

And then, I sat down and worked for 4 hours straight last night, uninterrupted.

It might seem silly that cleaning the car and shaving my legs made me more productive, but they did. They are just little things. And our hurry-it-up culture that we live in, the demands we put on ourselves and the responsibilities we have in our families and other relationships, sometimes pushes those chores or things that seem like a chore to the back burner. I mean, building a business is more important than buying filters so we can use our coffee maker, right?

Of course. BUT, the satisfaction and brain power I got by taking a couple hours away from work, made me feel free and light and ready to work on the really important stuff!

Two of the books on my must-read list are The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and Essentialism by Greg McKeown. After yesterday’s super rewarding action-packed day of dejunking, I’m bumping these babies to the top of my list.

What are some chores you can accomplish TODAY that’ll make you feel relieved? What can you donate or get rid of that you don’t need anymore? I challenge you to spend 30 minutes today doing these things. Check them off your list! And then let us know if and how your energy level and motivation to work has changed.

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  1. yes! I so totally agree 🙂 and I will be adding those books to my read list! Taking time to take care of yourself and your little chores makes running a business work so much better! It all ties together 🙂

  2. Yes! I love this – I find that if I don’t make time to do little chores that it distracts me. I’ve been meaning to read Essentialism too!

  3. Love this Becky! I totally agree. Sometimes I feel guilty for neglecting my chores and vice versa when i neglect my non-urgent work to do some chores. Bur man does it just feel good to do that sometimes.

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