7 high-touch marketing ideas for creatives

High-touch marketing. What the heck is it? Why is it important for creative entrepreneurs to get on board (or, back on board)?


In today’s techy world of instant gratification, way too many screens and a super easy way for creative business owners to hide behind the beautiful facade of their brand and website…


We’re making a super intentional move this year to really hit that high-touch point marketing. We’re talking being as real, transparent and approachable as possible. And we believe your clients and potential clients want the same from you! So, keep reading…


Our goal is for our clients and potential clients to see the real us. In turn, we want to see the real them (you!). So, what exactly does that look like? How does this play out in a marketing plan?


It’s a lot easier than you think.



We like to make things was simple as possible, so let’s start with some of the things you’re already doing and maximize the heck out of them! (As business coaches for creatives, this is something we do all the time with our clients. It’s super rewarding to get an extra mile worth of rad results out of work you’re already doing!) So, let’s take your efforts and turn them up a notch, really spruce them up to person-to-person business.


Let’s make a deal, okay? You watch this quick video and tell us which ideas are your favorites! Tell us which high-touch marketing ideas you can get on board with, like right now and even implement today! Okay? Let us know in the comments below so we can keep this conversation going.


(You see what I did there? Take your own blog comments, social media comments, emails from fans, potential clients, etc. and keep that conversation going!)


Alright, here you go…our 7 high-touch marketing ideas for creatives. But, I think we actually throw in a few extras 😉


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  1. Engaging with clients on social media is something I totally need to do more, and I loved when you pointed out that it’s not about becoming their bff but being a fan and GENUINELY lifting them up (no praise hands ????). Such a good point.

  2. Such good info! I’m hearing more and more about the idea of incorporating video in every form of communication – website to email, etc-. I’m alittle camera shy, but I just need to break down and do it! ????????

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    Yes, Jessica!! Break down and do it!! Video is only going to become more and more important/prevalent in business! You got this!!

  5. I love this! Both of you have such great energy! One thing that I have started doing is leaving hand written thank you cards for my clients that hire me for their catering services. More often than not I leave a job with more than one hug from a guest and I have also left jobs with tears of happiness from the feedback that I get. Looking forward to receiving more of your tips!

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    Thank you, Lavonne!! And WAY TO GO with those hand-written thank you cards! I love how those little things make such a HUGE difference!

  7. Always learning from your examples and direction in business. I touch base with my clients and often send messages to Creatives that inspire me to be better than yesterday.

  8. I rarely record videos of myself, but now that I think about it, you’re right – I love seeing other people on camera! Maybe I’ll give it a shot. I’ve also never considered recording videos for email exchanges, but I can totally see how that would be a nice personal touch. Thanks for the tips!

  9. I really enjoyed learning about these and can see the instant benefit in doing them! It’s actually been on my mind to do one so this is confirmation! I enjoy the videos that you and Jesse share! ❤

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    Yay! So glad this post was confirmation for you, Danielle! And thank you for the sweet encouragement! <3

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  14. Handwritten thank you notes, video’s of ourselves on Insta Stories, and engaging with clients on social media are some of my fave’s! I’ve been slacking in the Insta Stories department though the past month or two! Eeks! Need to get back on that! Huge thank you for the inspiration always! You guys truly are the absolute best and I LOVE learning from you!!!!

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