3 quick tips for creating authentic video testimonials

If you’ve been around Idealust for even just a little bit, you know Jesse and I are big advocates for using video for business. We’ve been fans for a long time, really, since our early years with Limelife Photography, when we learned how quickly we connected with our clients because of it.


We’re talking:



One of our favorite ways to use video is to ask happy clients for a video testimonial! We think more creative entrepreneurs should start using video testimonials for their businesses, but so many people shy away from them.


Yes, it’s work. No, it’s not (or, doesn’t have to be) as scary, hard or time-consuming as you think. As always, we believe done is better than perfect (you’ll notice the sound could be better in this video, but we went with it anyway!) We’ll share how to create video testimonials in just a minute, but first, I want you to hear something that will improve your marketing, like crazy.


And here it is…


You can try to sell, sell, SELL to your ideal clients All. Day. Long. And, it might not work as well as you’d hoped. Maybe because you aren’t even sure who your ideal client is yet or how to speak their language and get them to pay attention to your business? (This is so important! We start here with all of our coaching clients!) Or, your dream clients might not be hiring you because of this. But, it also might be because they expect to hear all the good stuff from you. Of course, you’re going to speak highly of what you can do for them. Of course, you believe in your business and skills and services and client experience.


However, at the end of the day, a potential client will feel safer, less sold to and trust you more easily when they see and hear that someone else (who was also considering hiring you) was feeling anxious, nervous, scared, frugal ____________ (whatever adjective or feeling is holding someone back from hiring you) too, but now, since working with you, is so glad they chose you instead of someone else.


When done right, a good video testimonial is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.


Key words: When done right.


We want you to get it right! So, here are 3 quick tips for creating authentic video testimonials that let your client’s excitement for you, your work and your business shine brightly!


  1. Smile and bring the energy while you’re asking your client the questions! (Oh, and stand just to the right or left of the camera, and have them look at and talk to you.)
  2. Ask your client to share how they were feeling before working with you (maybe in the search to find the perfect photographer or __________), while working with you (what was it like to work with you?) and what their life is like now, after they’ve worked with you! Side note: have your client use your name, like they’re talking about you, not to you. Watch the video above (just click the photo) to see what we mean.
  3. Add background music! (Check out Musicbed for some great tunes!) Music brings out the emotion in the words and feelings your client is expressing.


Remember, done is better than perfect! If you have the camera and sound gear, use it! If you don’t, it’s okay! You can literally do this on your phone!


Here’s an example of what this looks like all put together.


I bet you have at least a couple recent clients who would be perfect for a video testimonial for your business. Do me a favor? (Well, do your business a favor?!) Make a list of those people right now and shoot them a quick email seeing if they’re up for it! Let us know in the comments below how it goes!


Video testimonials are just one way you can use video to market your business. And using video, is just one way to use content to connect with and attract your ideal clients. We are BIG FANS of using video, blog posts, social media, newsletters…the list goes on and on…to connect with the right people and grow our business. If you’re having trouble coming up with all those videos and other content, click here to download our FREE Content Creation Kit!

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I’ve been in the works with making an “about me” video for a long time. I saw the idea once and LOVED how I felt like I just hung out with the person I watched a video of. It was so inviting and gave really cool little snippets into her life. When I hire someone I like to know who they are and what they are about because I like to be able to connect with people and that helps me trust them more as a person and to do their job. You guys are such video advocates. I love it.

Christine! SO EXCITED to see the final product of your about video! Those are some of our faves 🙂 Give these video testimonials a whirl, too (if you haven’t already!)…they’re so good for connecting with your potential clients 🙂

Paige! Let us know how the video testimonials work for you! And, yeah, baby…DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!!

Love these reminder tips on why I need to stop hiding behind the camera ☺️ I am better at capturing others stories but I know how important it is to share mine as well ???????????????? I’m trying!

Gahhhhh you addressed everything so eloquently and wonderful. I am working on getting over this fearful hump – thank you for the encouraging words <3

Thank you, Donna! Remember, you can always come back and refine that not-so-perfect project later! 😉

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