The Best News of Our Lives!!!

We got the call.




The one we’ve been waiting for since December 2016. This adoption process has been long. And trying. And it’s changed us. Did I mention long!? (We started the process in October of 2015.) We surpassed the 4-10 month estimated wait to receive a referral and waited almost exactly 12 months for this call.


But, we finally got The Call!!!! You know what this means?!






She is beautiful. She is happy. She makes us smile SO BIG. I can’t believe her birthdate (but we can’t share that yet) or where in China she’s from (we can’t share that yet, either). I also can’t believe (but should have known all along) how God has been taking care of her. It’s almost too much for me to bear, his overwhelming love and creative attention to detail in her little life. In how she fits into ours.


A few things you might be wondering…


How old is she?

About 17 months old.


What is her name?
We don’t know her name given at birth, but we do know her Chinese name, given from the orphanage (we can’t share it yet).


Will you be giving her a new name?
Yes, we will. We’ve known her name for the last almost 3 years! We may or may not be sharing that over on my personal blog 😉


When will you go to China?
Probably April, but we don’t have exact dates from our adoption agency yet. We’ll likely get the exact dates 3-4 weeks prior to travel.


How long will you be there?
We will be in China for about two weeks. We’ll be traveling to a few different cities for various appointments (medical, passport, consulate, etc.) Neither of us has been to China before.


Is she yours, for good then?
She sure is. Forever and ever.


How did you decide to adopt from China in the first place?
It’s a long story, but you can read about a glimpse of that answer here.


When did you get The Call?
Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 at 11:01am PST 😉 We were driving to the gym. I was crying my eyes out before the phone rang. Read the whole story here.


Can you pretty please tell me more?!
Yes, we can! There’s lots more about the day we got The Call, our daughter and how we’re doing about all of this over on my personal blog.


Not everyone gets this entrepreneur life. Because yes, admittedly, sometimes it’s cray.


You know why we do it though? I’m guessing they’re the same reasons you do it, too.


Travel is rad!
Flexible schedules are the best!
Unlimited (if you want) vacation days are a treat!
Doing what you love with people you love is seriously a gift!


But, here’s the deal, all of this is so incredibly wonderful because now, Jesse and I get to go to China for two weeks to meet and scoop up our DAUGHTER, without having to ask anyone if we can. We get to work from home, practically 24/7 and give our DAUGHTER a safe, secure and happy home.


And that freedom, that opportunity, that lifestyle…well, it doesn’t compare to anything else in the whole wide world.




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  1. I love that you mention she has special needs but don’t want it to overshadow the other awesome things about her. As someone who works with children with special needs (many who have been in foster care before), this makes me so happy. She is so lucky to have you as her new parents!

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