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A painfully shy child and someone who still felt her words weren’t particularly valid in her twenties; I have learned some profound lessons about the importance of speaking the truth and being authentic now that I’m a business owner. It was my yoga teacher Ana Forrest who first introduced me to the idea that to be truly great, I was going to have to stop editing myself. I had spent my whole life presenting a cut-and-paste version of who I was to others because I didn’t believe what I had to say held any value. Saying what I really thought was never something that came easily for me, and I would prefer to sit on the sidelines for fear of offending someone or looking stupid, therefore never allowing my true personality to shine through. But something beautiful happens when we begin to tap into our authenticity and speak the truth.

The first time I shared a very personal story on my blog about my struggle with addictions at what was a particularly turbulent time in my life (bad break-up, low self-esteem and deep-seated body image issues), I was overwhelmed by the response. I got the highest number of opens and clicks I’d ever had on an email and I also had the highest number of coaching inquiries since I had started my business, not to mention lovely emails and comments, and all because I spoke my truth and shared a piece of my heart with the world. I bared my soul and I was honest about my experiences and what they’d taught me. Although it can feel scary to do this, I believe the more authentic and truthful we are in whatever we do, the more we draw our true tribe to us.
“Although it can feel scary to do this, I believe the more authentic and truthful we are in whatever we do, the more we draw our true tribe to us.”

Where are you pretending in life or in business right now and perhaps dulling yourself down or editing yourself because you think that’s how you ‘should’ present yourself to others? What truth are you longing to share but are scared to?

When we speak the truth and share our personal story, we shine a bright light for others to do the same and for people to feel they can open up and trust us. In a world full of bullshit and niceties, people appreciate and are attracted to the truth. In the same vein, they are also repelled by it and that’s okay. I also happened to receive the most unsubscribes I’ve ever had from that email, but you’ll notice how I didn’t lead with that news because it’s not a negative, it simply means they weren’t ‘my’ people, and I wasn’t their cup of tea. No problem. Each time we speak the truth, not everybody is going to like it or agree with it, but what matters is that you’re being true to YOU, and you’re attracting the people who are meant to be in your life or business, and this, in my opinion, is the only way to live. Truthfully, openly, authentically.

So speak your truth. The world needs to hear it.

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