Don’t Let Social Media Get You Down

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Every few weeks or so, I’d get caught up in the tornado. Swirling round and round in a world of comparison, self-doubt and a good old-fashioned pity party. “Look how many weddings they booked.” “Look where they get to go.” And on and on. Poor me. I’d let social media’s negative effects creep into my veins until my blood boiled and my business partner cracked the whip. Jealousy and comparison are NOT allowed at Limelife HQs.

“A Facebook fast for you, Baby Cakes,” he said to me. The kibosh. An end to the madness.

So, for 10 days, every time I would have gone on Facebook, instead, I’d text and check in on one of my friends. I’d be thankful for something awesome going on in our lives or business. I’d get more accomplished! I’d read a business book. I’d brainstorm new ideas for our future. I made a plan and new approach for when I could re-enter the world from which I had been banned.

(All of this probably sounds a bit dramatic to some of you. It’s just social media. I know. “I am passionate. I am competitive. I strive for greatness. I am sensitive. And I know this mighty combination can also breed disaster without proper boundaries.”
But, unfortunately, some of my greatest strengths are also my greatest weaknesses. I am passionate. I am competitive. I strive for greatness. I am sensitive. And I know this mighty combination can also breed disaster without proper boundaries.)

These are the new rules I follow:

1. Use social media to encourage and motivate others.
2. Use social media to be excited about, but not brag about, our business.
3. Use social media as a tool, not a lifestyle.
4. Use social media as a tool to karate chop comparison & self-doubt. Be happy, not bitter.
5. Use social media sparingly (to post business-related content & encouragement to others, NOT to scroll a never-ending feed).
6. Never sign in to social media to check how many comments & likes our posts have.
7. Use social media to connect with clients & continue relationships.
8. Turn off all social media notifications on our phones.

My pity parties and sensitivity to social media, more than anything, reminded me to refocus. What’s important in life and how we run our business? Well, it’s loving others and doing what we love. It’s working hard & encouraging others along the way. It’s counting blessings, not comparing blessings. It’s dreaming big & being proactive about those dreams. It’s recognizing opportunities & walking through open doors. There’s no room in all that awesomeness for pity parties. No room at all.

What are your rules for social media? Leave a comment below. Or, tell us about it on Twitter!

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  1. Hey Becky!
    I cannot be more thankful for this post – Social media has absolutely been getting to me lately. I can relate to all of your passion, competitiveness, your never-ending journey for greatness and your sensitivity. When i read your post, I felt like I was reading about myself. Thank you to making me feel like I’m not alone! 🙂


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    Steph! I am SO HAPPY to hear this was helpful for you today. You are definitely not alone! Try a little break from social media. I have to take one pretty often 😉

  3. Not dramatic at all, we all need this reminder once in a while. My quality of life improved by taking notifications off my phone and spending allocated time on social media!

    Loved your “not checking social media for comments and likes” point, I’ve been guilty of that but have become much better!

    Great post, dreamers!

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    Anja! Yeah, that notification one is a biggie. It’s crazy how much of the day can be sucked up when we’re constantly checking social media. Way to stop the madness!!

  5. This is such a great post. I recently made some major changes to my social media habits and have been so grateful for the impact it’s had on my life. Love this post. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for the love, Lee Anne! So glad you’ve found the right social media rhythm for your life! Thanks for reading <3

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