21 ways creative entrepreneurs can jumpstart 2018

This time of year takes great discipline and intention. It’s still 2017 (and we still have 2017 goals to accomplish), but, we’re starting to dip our toes into 2018. If you’re anything like us, you want to set yourself up for success right from the get-go, the second that ball drops in Times Square.



We wanted to give a some (okay, a lot!) of different ideas of how to jumpstart 2018, starting right now. If you implement all of these things, well, goodness gracious, you’re going to see ridiculous amounts of big, beautiful growth as a creative entrepreneur this next year.


We challenge you to choose and do at least seven of these things before the end of 2017. (Let us know which ones you choose in the comments below!)


21 ways creative entrepreneurs can jumpstart 2018 right now!


  1. Make entrepreneur coffee dates for December and January! (Think potential partners and industry friends.)
  2. Get a 2018 planning day on the calendar!
  3. Make a list of goals/ideas you wanted to accomplish in 2017 but keep putting off!
  4. Get your FREE Content Creation Kit for photographers and other creative entrepreneurs! (Blogging, newsletters + social media will be so much easier, starting now.)
  5. Refresh your website! (Remove any/all work that is not a representation of the work you’d like more of.)
  6. Decide your promotional calendar! (Think mini sessions, holiday sales, course launches, etc.)
  7. Pick a travel destination for some rest and fun! (We’ve got China on the brain because our daughter is waiting for us!)
  8. Make a list of fellow creatives you’d like to get to know better! (Start thinking about how you can help them.)
  9. Ask your clients for reviews!
  10. Start stockpiling blog posts to up your SEO game! (Remember to use keywords in your titles.)
  11. Compile and organize all those receipts so you’re ready for tax time!
  12. Encourage and speak some beautiful truth to 10 entrepreneurs you’ve been admiring from afar!
  13. Write thank you/thinking of you/you can do it cards to 5 entrepreneurs you adore!
  14. Make a list of blogs you’d like to write/guest blog for in the new year! (Think businesses with a similar ideal client.)
  15. Get those workflow systems in place! (I know, I know, this takes a chunk of time. Promise it’s worth it.)
  16. Update your pricing on your website with “Starting at…” rates!
  17. Import your contacts into MailChimp or ConvertKit to get that newsletter prepped and ready!
  18. Start using more video! (Think email responses, promos, FB lives.)
  19. Buy that business book for creatives you’ve been meaning to read! (We buy ours used on Amazon.)
  20. Write down one crazy BIG goal for 2018! (Stick that Post-it on your bathroom mirror.)
  21. Commit to the coaching program you’ve been dying to be part of! (We currently have only 1 spot open for coaching!)


What’s your favorite way to prepare for the new year? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Kira

    Love all of your ideas! Can’t wait to make next year the best year yet! Thanks for sharing, as always 🙂

  2. Becky Morquecho

    Thanks, Kira! Which ones are you going to implement to prep for 2018?!

  3. Taira

    Love all of these tips! It looks like I have a whole list of things to keep me busy in the next couple months! ????

  4. Becky Morquecho

    Thank you, Taira!! One day at a time, friend!

  5. Kayla Illies

    OMG these are AMAZING!!!!! This is an INCREDIBLE resource! Thank you for sharing this Becky! I’m doing some of them already but love seeing other things I need to do yet too! 😀 😀 😀 Thank you thank you thank you!

  6. Becky Morquecho

    Yay! So glad these are helpful for you Kayla! Keep up the incredible work, friend! xo

  7. Becky Morquecho

    Glad you like them, Rachel! Hope you have a fabulous last little part of 2017!

  8. Christine

    1. Website refresher is huge, I definitely don’t go on there enough.
    2. My biggest step so far into 2018 is my Passion Planner.. starting somewhere
    3. super interested in guest writing on blogs – clicked the link and now going to read that post! 😛

    This is awesome Becky, I love this ideas!

  9. Johanna

    Yes. Love all these. Up on my list – coffee date with you?? Haha

  10. Ana Abraham

    I smell something good 🙂 All these are crucial for a better future in business. Number 13 is so simple yet so hard to narrow down to our adore tops

  11. Becky Morquecho

    Thanks for reading, Christine! So glad you found a few of these that hit home for you!! Keep up that BEAUTIFUL work. Love what you do!! xo

  12. Becky Morquecho

    Ha ha!! I’d love that, Johanna! Hope I get to see you soon! xo

  13. Becky Morquecho

    So glad these ideas sparked some ideas for you, Ana! So excited to see what you do in 2018! xo

  14. Christine

    Printing this list NOW! You guys always have great advice! I want to see some photos of you guys on the great wall! <3

  15. Becky Morquecho

    Thank you, Christine! Love that you’re printing this out!! Can’t wait to have those Great Wall of China photos for you!

  16. Dara

    Such a great list! 1 and 8 are my favorites. Connecting with other creatives and business owners is one of my favorite ways to keep my creative juices flowing.

  17. Becky Morquecho

    Thank you, Dara! That’s one of our favorite ways, too!!