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  1. Hello Hello

    Ugh. I’ve been struggling with this currently! It’s like you were reading my mind. I need to order new biz cards and I feel like now is the time to decide. Can’t decide if I should have 2 accounts. I have a hard enough time posting regularly as it is, so the thought of managing two seems daunting. I don’t have kids, just dogs, so I don’t feel like I would fill my feed with too much personal stuff. The only real reason it bugs me using my personal account for business, is that on Facebook I have my business name, so I’m constantly wondering if it’s a disconnect to not have the same name on insta??

  2. Becky Morquecho

    Hey there! So glad this is helpful for you! You could always keep your personal name as your Instagram handle @_________, and then include your business name in that first spot in the bio. (The opposite of how we have @idealustlife and then Becky + Jesse Morquecho.) Hope this helps you make that decision!

  3. Nenette

    Thank you so much for this! This is the best post on this subject I’ve ever come across. It’s helped me decide to stay with one account. Thank you again!

  4. Becky Morquecho

    So happy to hear this, Nenette! Thanks for the love and so glad it helped you make a decision so you can spend your energy on all the good stuff! xo

  5. Angela

    I love that you guys combined Instagrams (for the most part). And I so love your vulnerability always!

  6. Becky Morquecho

    Thanks for the love + encouragement, Ang! xo

  7. Sara Hicks

    Thanks for unpacking this! I wrestled with the same qurstion and chose to stick to a joint page for my design business and personal stuff and start a separate account for my non-profit…even still, that’s a lot to keep up with! Lol.

  8. Becky Morquecho

    Ha ha! I say, whatever works best for you and your business and life! Way to make a decision and keep on moving, Sara!

  9. Becky Morquecho

    So glad it was helpful, Carrie! <3

  10. Chelsea

    This is great! My next predicament is if I should have my “business account” setup as a business or personal account on instagram. As of right now I’m not really selling anything but I have it setup as a business for insights. I’m hoping to develop and start selling my product in a year from now but right now I’m just trying to get a following. Have you found any downside to having it a business account

  11. Becky Morquecho

    Thanks, Chelsea! We held off on making our business account a BUSINESS ACCOUNT, but recently made the switch. So far, so good! I haven’t experienced any downsides and I’m liking all the positives that come with having the insights right there in the app!

  12. Sean O'Farrell

    Thank you so much for this article! It was really useful and just what I was looking for!
    I am 18 and an aspiring graphic designer. After havung instagram since I was 13 and rarely using it (apart from to upload what are now embaressing photos)I recently started using Instagram to post my graphics work and to hopefully gain a following.

    After reading this I decided to stick with a personal account that contains my “business”. This requires me to post sensibly but still showing I have fun. The one reason that made me stick with the personal account was so that my followers can see who I am and that I am an 18 year old boy.

    One question I do have is whether you think I should delete the embarrassing selfies of 13/14 year old me? Whether I should delte all the ones up until I started using Insta as a means of getting a following for my graphic design?

    Thanks again for this article, I am about to follow you on Instagram!

    Sean @seanio118

  13. Becky Morquecho

    Hey, Sean! So glad this was helpful for you! I say…delete anything that doesn’t at least support your brand or give potential clients an idea of the person you want them to get to know. Also, you can quickly build up a portfolio with images that DO represent your brand…just 9 or 12 more photos will have your account looking spiffy in no time 😉

  14. Hannah

    I have been agonizing over this very subject for the past couple days and this article did seem to help a bit! BUT I was wondering if you had an opinion on what I should do though. Pros of combining: shorter username (@hannahguyton instead of @hannahguytonphoto) and I already have 500+ followers on my personal account. Cons: my current followers may dislike the transition and if I want to post something that isn’t as high quality as my professional photos I would throw off my whole feed (but that fact may encourage me to take only high quality shots…).

  15. Becky Morquecho

    Hey, Hannah! What’s your gut feeling? If it’s to combine and go with personal and the only downside is you might lose a handful of people (with the potential to connect with so many more on more personal posts), I’d do that! But that’s me…go with what feels right for you! Either way, you’ll feel relieved once you make a decision and then make that most of that decision!! Let me know what you decide 🙂

  16. Audrey

    Do you have any recommendations on what it looks like to transition from a single combined account (business + personal) to two separate accounts? Do you announce to your followers the change?
    Also, the username I would like to use for my business account is the one I am currently using for the combined one (which is private). Do I change the username on the current account and just try to claim the same username for the new business account before it gets taken?