We are creative entrepreneurs. We think society is a little off its rocker when it comes to definitions of security and success. We believe in doing more of what you love and less of what people think you should do.

We learn from the best and surround ourselves with a go-gettin’, gutsy gang. We’re all about living out wild ideas, rather than storing them in dusty little boxes under our beds. Lukewarm is lame. Bold is better. Being a creative entrepreneur can sometimes be scary. But it’s worth it. Oh, sweet freedom.

We’re living for purpose and happiness, not for paychecks.

The Authors

Becky Morquecho

Becky MorquechoCo-founder & Business Coach

I’ve been taking the bull by the horns since day 1, and proclaiming others should do the same since age 4. Yoga balances my passion for maximizing and my passion for chocolate. Half of the Limelife Photography duo and co-founder of Idealust.
Jesse Morquecho

Jesse MorquechoCo-founder & Business Coach

I am a geek, hiding out in board shorts. I love numbers and systems and use them both in business and life. Half of the Limelife Photography duo and co-founder of Idealust.
Krysta Masciale

Krysta Masciale

CEO of B!G DEAL BRANDING. I build kick-ass brands for entrepreneurs, write about the career woman’s battle with femininity at Stilettos on the Rocks and run for the high.

Erika Sheffer

I am a Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach. I educate and empower women to create their ultimate life through the discovery and mastery of whole food nutrition, self-love and the idea of limitless living. I’m completely obsessed with the ocean, VW buses, CrossFit and green smoothies.

Ryan Linstrom

I have spent the past seven years working with brands and causes, helping them tell engaging and purposeful stories. I am a co-founder and Strategic Director at Land & Sea Co, and a purveyor of puns and premature dad jokes at home. It ain’t easy being cheesy.
Jessica Klein

Jessica Klein

I’m an Oklahoman turned San Diegan turned Bostonian. Co-founder of an interior design studio, With Love, Design, and writer behind the design blog, Oh, I Design. You’ll find me exploring Boston with my cute husband, Cody and crazy dog, Bella!
Amy Kerr

Amy Kerr, CPA

I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who has a passion for working with creative entrepreneurs and making the tax and accounting world feel less daunting. When I’m not nerding out on accounting, I enjoy cooking and flea markets.